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Who we are.

All of our professional resume writing experts at Edmonton Resume Writers have worked as HR Recruiters themselves for many years so that’s why they understand and know exactly how the process works inside out. So that is why compared to all other Resume Service Companies our Resume Writers use their extensive knowledge towards your project giving you an incomparable complete service which is not available anywhere else in the Resume Writing Industry, this will therefore enhance your chances of securing the job you are looking for.

We have helped thousands of our clients in achieving their goals in getting their dream job. Furthermore we have also helped in the recruitment process of many people in various industries such as mining, oil field jobs, accounting and finance, Information Technology, Human Resources Management, Customer Service and Client Relations, Construction, Facility Management and Design/Build, various jobs in Skilled Trades and many more.

Office Based

The only resume writing service with office based in Edmonton.

100% Satisfaction

All our customers are 100% satisfied from our service.

Experienced Staff

All our resume writers are highly experienced in all work fields.

Job Guaranteed

We will increase your chances in getting your dream job by 90%.

Office Based Resume Service

The only resume writing service with office based in Edmonton. Compared to all our competitors who only have a virtual office and will only do their clients consultation through the phone. We meet all our clients face to face in our main office & provide them with a unique professional experience which offers them real time consultation & advice.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Edmonton Resume Writers our resume writers always goes above and beyond to make sure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with all our services, since customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will always place ourselves in our clients shoes in order for us to know exactly what they are looking for during there job seeking process.

Highly Experienced Stuff

Compared to our competitors, here at Edmonton Resume Writers, we only hire Professional Resume Expert Writers who had vast experience in executive recruiting, staffing and resume writing experience in all industries. Therefore whether you have many years of work experience, no experience or wanted to transition to a new career, all you need is a professionally designed resume created by one of our resume writing experts.

Guarantee Your Dream Job

If you are looking for Professional Resume Help to set you on the road to your dream job or advance your career, then you have chosen the right company. Because first of all here at Edmonton Resume Writers we will analyze your resume and identify the main keys skills that employers are looking for. Then we will rewrite your resume professionally using our sophisticated resume writing skills and knowledge, to develop a strategy for placing you on track to your dream job.

How It works

1 Meet face to face with one of our professional resume writers
First of all we are the only resume writing service that has an office based in Edmonton. Compared to almost all our competitors we will meet all our clients face to face and discuss with them their career goals, objectives and accomplishments, so that our resume writing experts will be able to provide the perfect resume to guarantee the job the applicant is searching for.

2 Getting an email with your new designed professional resume
In 4 to 5 business days we will email you the first draft of your professionally designed new resume. Furthermore we also give our clients some time in order for them to review their newly designed resume and make sure that all the written information is right. And if there is any changes they want to make our resume writers are going to edit and tweak it until our client is 100% satisfied.

3 Receive your final edited product
Finally after the client is fully satisfied with all the changes made, our resume writing experts will finalize everything in the resume with all the tweaks and changes needed by the customer. Then it's going to pass on to the proof reading team who are going to double check it. And finally the customer is going to receive his final professional resume by email in two different formats (PDF & Microsoft Office Word)

We Provide A Professional Resume Writing Service With 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee