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Average Resume Vs Professional Resume

Like most people’s resumes, an average resume would contain a name, contact information, work history, and responsibilities list for each job. A lot of Job applicants would think that the average resume would be perfect when applying for jobs.  But in reality like everybody else, everyone applying with you at the same job would have an average Resume as well.

Average Resumes are easy to prepare: any typist with a computer should be able to prepare them for a low cost.

But if your looking for something that opens the doors to job interviews, and set you apart from other applicants then the average resume has one big problem.

The average Resume doesn’t Get You Interviews.

For all Job Applicants, the vast majority of them, they will be writing and submitting the same average resume that they are counting on to get the interviews happen.  But in reality the process of submitting average resumes almost never leads to interviews – as it happens, the failure rate for those resumes is also about 95%.

So if you send out ten average resumes a week, and your resumes are rejected 95 out of 100 times, you could wait until week nine of our job search before you get your first interview.

Why the average resume doesn’t work  

There’s a big reason the average resume doesn’t work. It says nothing about how well you performed in your various jobs. It doesn’t make you stand out above anybody else. and it gives an employer no reason to want to interview you instead of any other applicant who carried similar responsibilities in their previous jobs.

Professional Resume

Now, on the other hand, Assuming the professionally written resume not only improve your chances of making interviews happen, but improve your chances by 50% of the time (a hit rate that professional resume writers basically meet or exceed.)

Investing in a Professional well written Resume can be the difference of you losing thousands of dollars in lost wages or improving your chances of getting to the job that you are really hoping for.


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